3 Effective Relationship Pointers

Building a healthy relationship isn’t always easy, and it doesn’t happen over night. It comes more naturally to some than others, but it’s still something we all struggle with from time-to-time. Some people even believe their relationships will always be doomed, but this isn’t the case. Below are some effective relationship tips you can use to improve your current or next partnership (or previous relationship).

1. Connection And Separation

These two words affect relationships on many different lessons, both personally and as a pair. On a personal level, you must learn to connect with the various parts of yourself. For example, you might find your heart telling you one thing, your brain telling your another, and then your gut giving you a third option altogether. Don’t ignore or follow any single suggestion entirely. Instead, learn to connect and listen to all of yourself before making any serious decisions.

As a couple, you must learn to separate and connect yourselves in entirely new fashions. The ideal scenario is to create a partnership composed of two unique individuals. Thus, creating a “we” from two separate “me’s”, which can be extremely difficult at times.

The key is to first understand we are all unique individuals with our needs, goals, and ambitions. A relationship is meant to put out these fires or cause us to change our lives entirely. Instead, we should help one another strive to reach our goals both individually and as a team.

2. Give And Take

Every successful relationship is built on a system of give and take. Entering a relationship with any other idea for a possible outcome is only setting yourself up for a failure. At the end of the day, no person wants to stay in a relationship where they feel their particular needs are less important or ignored entirely. Without constant compromise a relationship is doomed from the start.

Before you start compromising you should learn what’s important to your partner. Of course, this is a coin with two sides and your partner should likewise learn a bout you and what you hold in high value. Once you both know one another you can make more effective compromises that cause the least amount of harm and do the most amount of good. “Winning” should never be the goal.

3. Communication And Space

The next two dual components that every healthy relationship needs to survive and thrive are space and communication. Learning to find the perfect balance between the two is essential. Everyone needs to the space to make their own decisions at times. You may think you can make the decision better, but that doesn’t mean you should. There’s nothing wrong with offering your help, but remember to let your partner have their own space to make their life decisions when need be.

On that same note, constant communication is key. For example, when you need the space to make important decisions yourself. Don’t expect your partner to just guess that all of the time. Let them know in the best way that you can. Communicating constantly, whether about how you feel, think, what you want, or what you’re planning will ensure both you and your partner are always on the same page.

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