How To Get Your Ex Back

A Complete Guide On How To Get Your Ex Back

After a break up, most men tend to get right back on the saddle and date other women. However, if this has been the case for you, but you find yourself constantly missing and thinking about your ex and find that none of these new women match up to her, then you may have lost the love of your life. If you come to that realization, you might be tempted to hide inside of a bottle, but trust me, all hope is not lost! In this article, we will look at a few ways that can help you to reunite with your love and get your ex back for good, even if it’s long distance.

The first thing you should do is initiate contact through a text, especially if you have been broken up or out of contact for awhile. It is essential that you don’t come across as needy or as if you are looking for a booty call. It is best to send something that is sentimental that you both shared. For example, you can send a text telling her that you heard one of your favorite songs as a couple on the radio and that you were thinking of her. At the end of that message, you should ask how she’s doing. If she responds to your initial text, then the chances are quite good that she is open to rekindling the relationship.

The next step is to start hanging out together but you must remember to take it slow. Many guys think that just because you dated before that they can go from zero to a hundred in no time. This is not the case and you will have to romance her all over again. Women are very emotional creatures and if they loved you once, they probably still love you. So, if you can remind her how much she loves you or why she fell in love with you in the first place, your chances of success increase drastically. In order to casually romance her, you should try scheduling dinner dates, movie nights, romantic strolls on the beach etc.

During these dates, it is best not to dwell on your past relationship but at the same time you should own up to and confess your mistakes and the things that you did wrong. Even though your ex may be falling back in love with you, she will always keep in mind the things that you did or said that hurt her and hurt the relationship in the past. Therefore, it is essential that you make those wrongs right and show her how much you have changed.

Lastly, once you have addressed those issues it is critical that you don’t keep rehashing the past or trying to relive your past relationship with her. You should think of this as a fresh start and it will be. If you truly want her back in your life for good, it is essential that you keep her focused on your current connection. Once you do, I am certain that the two of you will be back in a real relationship in no time.

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