Long Distance Relationships

A long distance knows no element of deceitfulness or despair. It only understands one lingo. The language of love and love alone! It is the hardest of all relationships to maintain for all the lovers who get themselves caught up in it and have no tips on how to maintain it. The lovers in most cases are separate from each other physically, but their hearts, they beat for each other. Its delicate to handle this type of relationship.

Guidelines on how to sustain a long-term, long-distance relationship

Chat naughty stuff

In such a relationship, couples rarely go physically intimate, therefore, hard to fulfill their sexual desires. Exchange naughty and seductive messages that will arouse the wild fantasies of your partner; this will sweep them off their feet.

Opt for surprise visits

Imagine the feeling you get in the club when the disc jockey plays random music, and all off a sudden your favorite song pops up? The same way getting a surprise visit from someone you truly love makes you happy.

Avoid Speculations

Learn to discuss thing freely and openly to your partner to erase all the doubts you have. Simply avoid meager speculations. Being far doesn’t mean all you hear from other people is true about your partner.

Avoid having that irritating ego

The superiority and inferiority complex is a fast killer of any relationship, especially as long distance one. Put aside your ego when talking to your partner; they will appreciate this. However, dropping your ego doesn’t mean that you have to hold back your true sentiments.

Learn to share your problems

Do not feel odd for burdening your partner with your problems. After all, you need their emotional support even if they won’t be there to help you. They can help by giving solid suggestions. Do not hide anything from your partner.

Stop with the ailing explanations

This comes in most especially in communication; avoid giving lame excuses that you were busy at work. If someone loves you no matter how busy they are they will create time for you. A short text message is better than doing nothing completely.

Make good use of modern technology with digital products like Magic Of Making Up

Learn to engage in online activities such as online shopping, go to online movies stores with your partner; it helps you know their preferences hence solidifying your bond. Share your sweet emails, they count a lot! We can see that with the Magic of Making up review for 2015, one of our favorites.

Conclude your chats with a smile

Always avoid leaving your conversations pending; it’s just not healthy for you to call your discussion to an end without reaching a common conclusion that leaves both of you smiling.

Have respect to your partner’s social life

Jealousy is good for a relationship, but too much of it spoils it all. Do not cross the line when you see photos of your partner with somebody else.
Possible worthies of a long distance relationship as explained in the Magic Of Making Up review.

It builds trust

Everyone feels that discomfort whenever they are not with their partners when they are out having fun. You first ask yourself with whom are they going out with? In this kind of relationship, the partners learn to hold onto their love hence cementing the relationship with immense trust as explained in Magic Of Making Up.

It’s a basis of true love

In most occasions, the most involved part in this relationship is the emotions. Therefore, it draws a line between lust and love. It’s based on the emotional closeness of the partners rather their physical intimacy.

It gives time to engage in your personal interests

In most times, you would love to engage in personal interests like working out; this may not have the space in a normal relationship. This relationship gives time for you to pursue those activities you would like to do alone like reading.

Builds patience

In any relationship, patience is a crucial element. This relationship helps a partner to exercise patience, hence shaping them character wise. It helps them learn to stomach trivial disappointments in a relationship.

Defines autonomy

Whenever things aren’t good for you, your partner, may not be there to help you work out your problems. By you facing your problems tactfully and fixing them not only makes your partner proud but also shows your independence in solving your own problems with little or no help.

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