Signs Your Ex May Want You Back

Top Five Signs that Your Ex Wants You Back

Breaking up was a mistake and you really want your ex back. What are their feelings, however? Do you stand a chance? Having a good idea about your former partner’s desires will make it a lot easier for you to come up with a strategy.

So, does your ex want you back? The following signs will be indicative of such desire (also learn how to get your ex back).

They don’t Date

People may take some time to begin dating again after a breakup. It’s normal to have a period dedicated to healing and self-reflection.

If it’s been some time already, however, and your ex isn’t dating anyone, the chances are that they aren’t over you yet. This is particularly true if you’ve already recovered from the initial pain and you’ve gone out on a couple of dates with other people.

Signs that They’re Missing You

Facebook and other technologies make it relatively easy to understand what’s going on in your ex’s head.

Are they sharing emotional statements with friends? Are any of these statements focused on the relationship that just ended? These could be signs that your ex is missing you.

Such information can also be obtained from the mutual friends that you have. Somebody that knows both of you will be capable of telling whether your ex is still grieving or if they’ve managed to move on.

It Seems that You’re Now Communicating More

You probably experienced a communication breakdown before the decision to separate. Many relationships end because of this inability to talk about problematic issues, as talked about in The Magic of Making Up.

After the breakup, however, it seems like your communication has improved a lot. You have warm feelings about your ex and the opposite seems to be true, as well. You talk to each other on the phone and share a lot of information.

The fact that your ex still confides in you and shares some personal information is indicative of an emotional connection that is still in place. This emotional connection is one of the most difficult relationship elements to establish. Feeling the proximity means that you still have chances to get back together.

You Share Memories

Do you talk about the fun times you had together? Does your ex bring does wonderful moments up during conversations?

If your ex is focusing on the positive rather than the negative, he or she is missing you. The memories, especially if it was a long-term relationship, have an incredible power. You’ve bonded in a way that few people are capable of and this bond gives you grounds to fight for the relationship.

Their Stuff is Still at Your Place

The fact that your ex hasn’t picked their belongings up from your place is a good one. It means that they’re reluctant about moving out. Possibly, your ex is thinking about getting back together or hoping that you’ll make the first move.

Emotions are complex and sometimes, it will be difficult to spot the obvious signs. Still, you know your ex really well. Take some time to analyze the information and figure out whether the two of you still have a chance. You should fight for the relationship that you want, especially if you feel that the other party feels the same way.

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